Bogg and Jeffrey arrive in Egypt, 1922, in the Valley of the Kings, the area where most of the Pharaohs are buried.  An archaeological dig is taking place. Suddenly, panic erupts when Howard Carter, the leader of the excavation is trapped in a tomb when it collapses. The Voyagers rush to help dig him out and he and his partner Lord Carnarvon announce that the tombs are too dangerous to continue excavating.


Jeffrey realizes that they should have found King Tutankhamen in the tomb- (he had been buried in the wrong place.) They decided to go back and correct this historical mistake.  Jeffrey can only guess at the correct time period, and he choses 1311, B.C. They come upon an old goat herder that  who tells them that King Tutankhamen died some forty years earlier.  The duo head to 1356 B.C. and come upon Tut, the boy king, dangling from a rope off on a cliff.  His half-sister-stepmother -in-law Nefertiti, Uncle Ay and Gen. Horemhep below are too far away to help him.  Bogg climbs down from the side of the cliff and rescues Tut.

Tut invites the Voyagers to join them on their journey back to Thebes and bids them to treat him with familiarity.  As they enter the throne room, Bogg and Jeffrey smile as the see the forty-five years younger goat herder who had helped them earlier.  The goat herder is accused of Tax evasion and the kindly Tut doesn't have him killed or imprisoned, but instead, raises his taxes. Tut then thanks the Voyagers for by giving Bogg a golden sword and Jeffrey an Ankh.  The ambitious Gen. Horemhep believes that Bogg and Jeffrey are a bad influence on Tut and secretly orders his lieutenants to kill them.  Later, Nefertiti takes Bogg aside and asks for him to help her protect Tut. She believes that someone is trying to kill him.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Tut become close friends.  Jeffrey tells him that he did the right thing to let the goat herder live, explaining that a good King knows when to be merciful.  He takes it upon himself to teach Tut how to 'be a kid' and shows him how to play football using a pillow.  After the game, Jeffrey brings up the delicate subject of Tut's tomb.

Tut and Nefertiti take Bogg and Jeffrey to the already under-construction tomb.  The crypt he shows them is heavily booby-trapped and is not the small, defenseless tomb that history records he was buried in.  Unknown to the foursome, Horemhep and his men have followed them into the tomb.  One of Horemhep's lieutenants activates one of the booby-traps, the floor drops out from under them and they hang helplessly over a bottomless pit.  Bogg hands Tut his sword which he uses to raise Nefertiti to safety.  Before he can help Bogg and Jeffrey, the Voyagers lose their balance and fall into the pit!

They land unharmed and wait to be dug out.  Horemhep insists they are dead and digging them out would be pointless.  Meanwhile, down in the pit, the walls start to close in on Bogg and Jeffrey.  The omni is still red and Bogg refuses to omni out until it turns green.  Outside, Tut declares that the tomb now belongs to Bogg and Jeffrey and he will make do with a smaller one that Horemhep describes as being "...suitable for a common person, but not our King." Tut explains that the Voyagers taught him that "...a King is not measured by the size of his tomb, but by the magnitude of what he does."

Down in the pit the omni suddenly (and thankfully) turns green just as the walls begin to crush Bogg and Jeffrey.  The duo make their exit and return to the Valley of the Kings in 1922.  They follow Carter and his men into Tut's smaller tomb and discover that it has been ransacked-by Napoleon in 1798!  The Voyagers quickly head to 1798, once again in the Valley of the Kings.  Their presence in Napoleon's camp causes quite a stir-he thinks they are thieves.  Bogg holds up Jeffrey's Ankh and tells him that they are 'professional' grave robbers and can lead them to a tomb full of treasure.  Instead of leading them to Tut's tomb, the Voyagers take them to 'their' booby-trapped one.  Bogg and Jeffrey lead Napoleon and his men into the tomb, carefully avoiding the booby-traps.

As they come to the center of the tomb, they are awed how it is decorated: There is a painting of Jeffrey on the wall and another showing Bogg rescuing Tut from the cliff.  Napoleon finds Bogg's sword-and when he picks it up, the floor falls away! Napoleon dangles above the pit and Bogg saves him before he can fall.  Since they don't know anything about the traps further down the corridor, Bogg hands Jeffrey the omni and runs ahead to set them off so Napoleon won't be harmed.  He comes upon a wall of flame and poison gas, and barely manages to break a hole in the wall and dig himself out.  Bogg goes to get a rope and then rescues Jeffrey, Napoleon and his men.  The Voyagers then head back to 1922 to watch as Tut's tomb is excavated.

Photo by Harry Burton ©The Griffith Institute, Oxford. Colorized by Dynamichrome for the NYC Exhibition: "The Discover of King Tut."






The Voyagers land in neutral Switzerland, 1916.  WWI is in full swing.  They witness a beautiful woman being attacked by some thugs and Bogg and Jeffrey rush to save her.  After a brief scuffle, the trio make their escape with the thugs in hot pursuit.  The woman introduces herself as Gertrud Margaretha Zelle and insists that Voyagers meet her later at an outdoor cafe, saying that her life depends on it.  Meanwhile, the two 'thugs' report to their boss-Winston Churchill!  The future Prime Minister tells his men that if the woman escapes with 'The Plans,' the Allies might lose the war.  Later Bogg and a wary Jeffrey meet Gertrud.  She explains that the men who attacked her were sent by her husband because she had run away.  She begs for their help and her charm wins the Voyagers over.

As they talk, she slips a piece of paper into Bogg's hat, and instants later, Churchill's men arrive and give chase.  The duo shove Gertrud in a cab and she is safely away.  Meanwhile, the men capture Bogg and Jeffrey and Churchill himself holds them at gunpoint.  Churchill doesn't believe their story helping about helping the woman escape her husband and he reveals 'Gertrude's' true identity-Mata Hari, the most diabolical spy in WWI!  The duo realize they've been had.  Churchill tells them that they will be tried as spies-so the Voyagers make a break for it and make an omni-escape and land in Texas, 1836.  It's the time of Texas' fight for independence from Mexico.


They help some wagoneers push a wagon out of a mud-hole, but it slips and Jeffrey falls beneath the wheels.  He is rescued by one of the men, the 'man' turns out to be a woman named Ella Curtis.  The leader of the wagoneers runs over to the strangers and introduces himself: He's Davy Crockett!  Bogg and Jeffrey ride with the wagon for awhile and Bogg is attracted to Ella.  Jeffrey is alarmed when he discovers where they are headed, the Alamo.The men are planning to hold of Gen. Santa Ana's army and Jeffrey is the only one who knows that they'll all be slaughtered. Bogg has no knowledge of the coming massacre and promises that he and Jeffrey will help.

On the way to the fort, Bogg and Ella become close.  She tells him of her dream that one day women will be treated equally and be able to vote.  Jeffrey takes Bogg aside and tells him that they should go back to Switzerland.  Bogg is adamant that they are supposed to stay and help.  He also reveals that that he has fallen in love with Ella (Surprise! Surprise! Those this episode date was supposed to have been aired earlier in the season, before Bogg falls in love with Mabel Hubbard)  Jeffrey forces him to check the omni, and finds its green.  Their job is done and its time to go.  Bogg goes to Ella and tells her that he has to leave.  Jeffrey triggers the omni, unaware that Bogg's hat with Churchill's plans in them has been left behind.

They arrive in Switzerland, and before long Mata finds them and she and Bogg go off together.  Bogg reluctantly romances her in order to get the plans from her, and she does the same to him, unaware that neither of them have the documents.  Mata casually inquires about the whereabouts of Bogg's hat and she is livid when he tells her that he lost it.  She pulls a gun on him and reveals that the plans were in the hat.  Bogg grabs the weapon and captures Mata, then turns her over to an amazed Churchill along with the promise to find the plans.


They are preparing to return to the Alamo when Jeffrey tells Bogg that the battle was a massacre, everyone in the fort having died.  Bogg leaves Jeffrey behind and returns to the Alamo.  He finds Ella and tells her that the battle is lost and that she must leave, but she refuses to go.  Bogg and Ella kiss goodbye and he prepares to return to Jeffrey, but at that instant Ella is rendered unconscious by a falling wall.  Bogg grabs her and activates the omni. Later, he revives her by a river bank and tells her that her friends are dead and that she is the only survivor.  She wishes she that she had died with them and breaks down in Bogg's arms.  Bogg reluctantly leaves Ella behind and returns to Switzerland to hand over the plans to Churchill.







This story was revised and aired on TV  as "Barriers of Sound." The Cast and crew knew the show was not renewed for a second season. 

In 1649 Paris, France, Queen Anne is desperately searching for a way to get her eleven-year-old son, King Louis XIV, out of the city. An angry mob is at the palace gates, demanding that someone else be King. Bogg and Jeffrey arrive, landing right in the King's chamber. King Louis XIV had the longest reign of any King of France-and Jeffrey realizes that if they don't help get Louis out of the city, he will be killed. Bogg suggests that Jeffrey impersonate Louis, while he and the Queen's aide Moliere smuggle the boy king to San Germaine. As the trio leave Bogg gives Jeffrey the omni in case someone shouts "Off with his head!", and he has to make a fast escape.


The next day, Jeffrey awakens to discover that being a King isn't too bad. He is given gourmet meals and fencing lessons. Out on the road, Bogg is having difficulties with Louis, who turns out to be a spoiled brat! When the only food Bogg has is beef jerky, the King refuses to eat it. Back at the castle, Jeffrey hides his true identity behind a fencing mask when Charles De Lorraine, the leader of the opposition, arrives to see the King. Charles isn't fooled for a minute. He tears off Jeffrey's mask and the deception is revealed. His men seize Jeffrey and the Queen and intend to give them to the mob. Jeffrey and Andre hold off Charles' men with swords while Queen Anne tries to get away. 


Charles grabs her and instructs his men to get Jeffrey. The boy makes a run for it and finds himself trapped in the palace garden. He quickly pulls out the omni and disappears, landing in 1890 Texas in front of a farmhouse. He immediately checks the omni and discovers that its red. Jeffrey comes upon an old man (Thomas) who tells him that Mrs. Eisenhower is having a difficult delivery. Jeffrey realizes the baby in question is Dwight David Eisenhower, future president of the United States. When Jeffrey suggests that Thomas call a doctor on the telephone, Thomas is incredulous-he has never heard of a telephone! Thinking Jeffrey is crazy, Thomas runs into the house. Jeffrey decides to hold off on helping Bogg and heads to Boston, Massachusetts, 1876 to try and fix the telephone.

He lands in front of the run-down brownstone where Alexander Graham Bell lives. Down the street, a group of boys are playing with firecrackers and one of them goes off underneath a horse drawn wagon.  The horse bolts and careens madly down the street toward a young woman walking obliviously across the road. Jeffrey instantly dives into the street and shoves her out of the way of the wagon. When the woman doesn't respond to his questions, Jeffrey realizes that she is deaf. As Jeffrey and Mabel walk along the street, she explains that she is upset because her fiancee, Alexander Graham Bell has decided to stop working on the telephone. Bell has decided to accept a teaching position at Boston University and forget about inventing. Mabel then declares that she won't marry him if he gives up his dreams.


Back in France, Bogg, Louis and Moliere enter a pub, unaware that Charles and his men are there. Louis refuses to pose as a commoner and loudly complains about the food.  When a waitress asks, "Who do you think you are? King Louis himself?", he replies, "That's exactly who I am!" All hell breaks loose when Charles and his men attack the trio and the bar erupts into a brawl. They manage to escape, and Charles says that they'll return when they hear that Queen Anne will be hung.

Back in Boston, Jeffrey and Mabel go to see Mr. Hubbard to try to get him to reconsider withdrawing his financial support.  Jeffrey shows him the potential of the telephone when he makes one of two tin cans and a piece of string.  An amazed Hubbard is convinced, and he writes Jeffrey a check to pay for the telephone. Later, Jeffrey helps Bell put the finishing touches on the telephone. Returning to France to help his fellow Voyager, Bogg, Jeffrey, Louis and Moliere go back to Paris and rescue Queen Anne from the gallows. Afterward, Louis promises to be a good ruler and grants Jeffrey the power of a King whenever he is at the palace. Using those powers, Jeffrey takes charge of the omni and he and Bogg return to 1890 Texas and help in Ms. Eisenhower's delivery.


These are full summaries of 3 Voyagers! stories that were scripted, but never filmed. They were compiled from issue #6 of Epi-Log Journal: The Television Journal of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure. January – February, 1993.