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Where's my Guidebook? (Seriously, where is it already?)

It's early to share this, but so what, big deal. (Points if you know where that line is from!) I played around with cover ideas for when I'm ready with the Voyagers! book. Honestly, I know I (Or a cover designer if I can find and afford one) can do something far better when the time comes. If I could have at least 1 licensed image from the show, I'll try to get it on the cover. I guess I just made these to boost my confidence.

I think I'm settled on an official title. I chose a quick Bogg quote instead of the innocuous and frankly boring, "The Voyagers Fan Guidebook." Zzzzzz

I have other work and life projects going on that suddenly commanded my attention, such as learning to code and building websites from scratch. It's slow going but I'm determined to learn for a livelihood.

Just when I think I'm finished with my book, more tidbits of info or ideas come along to add. I'll be doing that this week. It makes me glad I didn't go ahead and publish anything all those years ago. It wasn't ready at all. It may never be fully ready. I won't have amazing interviews with cast and crew and stunning photos. Chances are I'll also self Publish.

But what my book does have is my heart and love for Voyagers! in every paragraph. (Yes, even when I have to critique!)

So, the closer I get to my goal, the more I'll post about it! Stay tuned.

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