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Voyager Chronicles Coming Soon

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

In 2017 I closed down my Voyagers Guidebook Blog and not long after I regretted it…

I've read that blogging is a dying Internet phenomenon and no longer popular due to Social Media. It almost seems like our attention spans and patience level have shortened to 280 character Tweets or merely a photo with a witty or "profound" caption. I can see the difference in mine over the last 5 years and it's kind of scary.

The amount of abandoned blogs across the Web on every platform is staggering. But opinions are divided. There's hundreds of others that generate thousands of views and ad revenue, particularly with cooking and lifestyle themes. But…the annoying amount of ads, pop-ups, aggressive subscription demands and excessive links are a turn off on most of them.

Sometimes we just want to blog for fun, to share our knowledge with the world at no cost and with no catch, and if we can somehow earn money through it, so be it.

Depending on a Blog's themes, it's not easy to add fresh content daily or even weekly. In my case, I'm dealing with a TV show that lasted 1 season and has been off the air 35 years. It's genuinely surprising how much information I've gleaned through the years in this small Voyagers! fandom. The other fans have been amazing and generous with all they've shared and discussed with me over the last 14 years since I've started the Voyagers Guidebook website.

Posts don't have to be a 100 paragraphs long, sometimes just 1 will suffice. I have enough research and fan theory to fill a book. Which is what I'm currently working on…and it seems everything gets in the way of completing. But I made a goal and I will accomplish it. I've gotten very far.

I can't re-post everything from my old blog, nor is it necessary, but I will recreate a few interesting posts I'd managed to save from the wonderful Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I have plans for a "Voyagers! Real to Reel" Category, which I'd started through the Voyagers Guidebook Facebook Group. It'll feature engaging historical anecdotes on the real people and events which inspired the episode. I'll review and discuss time-travel entertainment from books, movies, television, and even brilliant short films made by Youtube content creators.

Voyager Chronicles is a retro-themed blog for the most part, if you look across the Internet seems like more and more millenials are nostalgic for our childhood days of the 70's, 80's & 90's, the toys, fashion (Depends!) and definitely TV, and movies, and music.

I look forward to starting over and once again carving another little niche on the web for Voyagers!

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