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It's a voyage to navigate, but worth the trip. When you click on the boxes, they'll take you to splash pages housing my albums. There'll be more to come, including Magazine clippings and screen-captures as I dig through and sort my collection.

These images have been curated over a decade through diligent work and very generous fans sharing from their own collections. I'm very grateful to them.


Big credit goes to Alan and Doug at the  Jon-Erik Hexum Fan Club, K. Dubose of the former "The Definitive Jon-Erik Hexum Picture Archive," the former Meeno Peluce Fan Club, and KC and her crew at Tenafly Guy 

They have all kept the memory of Jon-Erik Hexum and the Voyagers! fandom shining bright for many years. If you have good quality Voyagers! images that are not in the gallery and would like to contribute please click the button below. 


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