“I feel it is a great fortune to have some passion in life and an urgency in direction; it makes our whole being so much fuller.”

We Your Fans

By Cathi Bee

A Poem
A Story
A Song and a Fanvid
Pictures and memories 
And decades of love
If this is the only way
To keep you
To love you
Like you were in life
Then this is what we do.
Bye and Hi.
We are so glad you are here.
This is our love
In words and in images
You will never die
Because where else can you be
But here in our work?

Jon-Erik Hexum: The Disc Jockey with a Sense of Humor

A fun article where Jon-Erik reminisces about his antics during a short-lived career as a radio D.J.

Hollywood Then & Now: Only The Good Die Young

Article by Brian O'Dowd featuring a comparison between James Dean & Jon-Erik Hexum. 

Boy Crazy

Jon-Erik received his own beautiful chapter in the photo book by Photographer Karen Hardy. Includes bio and Vital facts. 

A Loving Look Back at the Late, Great Jon-Erik Hexum

A lovely tribute article with a lot of nice black and white photos (Newsprint.) 

Jon-Erik Hexum Covers Up

Random little Cover-Up articles saved in a PDF. 

Jon-Erik Hexum: Fact File

Exactly what the title says. From a Teen Magazine. 

Meet Jon-Erik Hexum

A Teen Magazine Vital Facts article. 

Jon-Erik Hexum: AP Photo - Voyagers!

AP (Associated Press) Print for National Newspapers featuring a promotion for Voyagers! in 1982. 

Jon-Erik Hexum: On The Spot! 

Teen Magazine Interview. 1983

A Tribute To Jon-Erik Hexum

A lovely tribute by the Teen Beat staff who'd come to know and admire Jon-Erik during the times he'd stopped by for interviews. 

The Caring Jon-Erik Hexum

A promise kept by Brian O'Dowd to keep Jon-Erik's name in the spotlight. Published in 1986 for Hollywood Studio Magazine, 2 years after Jon's death. 

Voyager To Success

Full article from the Magazine TV Picture Life. Wonderful photos from Making of a Male Model

Cover Up's Jon-Erik Hexum: The Serious Side of this 'Sex Symbol'

Good article with Jon-Erik commenting on the hard work put in making it as an actor and what happens a little behind the scenes.

Jon-Erik Hexum: Uncovered/Casts His Spell

2 short Articles about Jon-Erik discussing his role in Cover-Up and family life before Acting. PDF

Jon-Erik Hexum:1986  Original Fanclub Newsletter

Full PDF scan of the Newsletter. 

Jon-Erik Hexum: AP Photo - 1984

This Print was passed around syndicated Newspapers when news broke of his tragic accident on the Cover-Up set on October 18th,1984.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown!

Reviews of the 1981 Merry-Go-Round Theater Production starring Mickey Lord as Molly and Jon-Erik Hexum as Molly's husband, "Leadville" Johnny Brown. Click on the other links below to read more reviews! Thanks to the Jon-Erik Hexum Fanclub and Mickey Lord for procuring these articles.

Molly Brown Starts Wednesday

Local Resident has Lead In ‘Unsinkable Molly Brown’

Playhouse Stages 'Buoyant' Molly Brown


The Unsinkable Molly Brown Playlist – 1  &  2


Cast Saves Drowning Play

Guys and Dolls

A 1981 review on the play in the Merry Go Round Theater. Jon-Erik got a quick but glowing praise in an otherwise critical review. Sadly, there's no picture available, so enjoy the one from the original movie! 



Jon-Erik Hexum

I fell in love with your masculine features

You were so strong

With a deep voice

Then came your accident

You soared so high only to die so young 

Leaving fans to mourn you

Journalists to question why

Mean people to never let anyone forget how it all came crashing down


Fan Carole T. Poland