One of the coolest shows of the early '80s, Voyagers! made Time travel fun! It was filled with charm, action, adventure, and plenty of romance. The appealing cast included Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce as Voyagers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones. Despite its junior target audience, adults loved and still appreciate the concept, wit, and story-lines.


I want to give many thanks to all those who contribute and help to keep this series alive. Voyagers Guidebook has been online for 14 years and counting. Please voyage back frequently! There's always something waiting to be discovered.

Director/Writer/Producer James D. Parriott proudly stated in a Star Log interview that Voyagers! was "his baby." I hope he's seen this website and knows there are still tons of fans out there (young and older alike) who fondly remember this series and continue to love and support it. They've passed that love and enthusiasm to their children and they love it too.


I'd like to sincerely thank Mr. Parriott and his collaborators for sharing their awesome vision of Voyagers!, and the cast and crew for bringing the characters to life. It has allowed us the brief, but fantastic opportunity to "travel through the ages," and introduced us all to the marvelous Jon-Erik Hexum.

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Voyagers Guidebook: The Book 

German Audio Plays!

Thanks to fan Martin! I had these 6 audio plays in my collection for a long time and didn't get around to posting. I finally corrected that. You can now download the Full episodes produced by Europa Records and the cassette covers. Scroll toward the bottom of the Die Zeitreisenden! Page for access.

Voyagers! (1982) Retrospective

Voyagers! (1982) Retrospective | A Time Travel TV Classic with Jon-Erik Hexum & Meeno Peluce!

I stumbled across a marvelous and adorable Retrospective on Voyagers! With a fun father and daughter Entertainment Critic team. They discuss the series in a positive light. Please give it a watch, like their video, and follow their Facebook Reviews page to leave comments for them – 


Take Two Screen Reviews

This was the effect that Voyagers! intended to have on kids in 1982. The idea was simply to enjoy the show, have fun, and learn something about world history along the way. It helped kids open their minds to do their research on the subjects. It's heartwarming that nearly 38 years later, children still appreciate it. 


VoyagersCast! Episode Page

This is an interesting and entertaining Podcast series from Aaron and Michelle Moss along with guest speakers. It offers different perspectives and ideas from fans who've grown up watching the show and those seeing it for the first time.

Check out the filmed Voyagers! vlogs on their Youtube channel: Head Speaks 

Subscribe to them for retrospectives from the 80s! 






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