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Hey all Voyagers! fans!

For over a year I've worked on another 'Top-Secret' project. I originally wanted to write a Voyagers Fan-Guidebook, you know those ones that get published all about TV shows? I realized how much writing I already do on my website and companion blog, so I decided to re-write and reproduce everything and then some.

After much painstaking consideration and stops and starts, my idea didn't pan out exactly as I'd hoped. I decided to format it in a very simple, Voyagers! themed Newsletter PDF file and share it with fans. It is best to read it on an electronic device than to print it out. That can be very costly with all the colors. Plus, some time in the future I may decide to self-publish it in a full length book format and it will go through additional edits. I know it needs some!

This is a bit of a soul baring pet project because I love writing and it's only my thoughts and opinions. But I promise it's fun, humorous and retrospective, like reading a blog or critical essays. It will also include pictures throughout.

If you would like to receive this Newsletter – please EMAIL ME a brief message with the subject: Voyagers! Newsletter, and I will add you to the list.

If at any time you want to be removed from it, just let me know and I will take you off. 

The first Issue was made available on October 3rd on the 30th Anniversary of Voyagers! and 7 issues followed. 

Happy Voyager Landings!