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Voyagers! 100 Question Quiz! ~ Answer Key

1. Name two books on Jeffrey Jones’ bedroom shelf. (There are 3 visible)

Pirates in History, The Man Out There, How To Survive In Your Native Land

2. How many pirates was Jeffrey’s father fighting off in Jeff’s dream?


3. What is Jeffrey’s Aunt Elizabeth’s boy friend’s first name?


4. Which hand did Bogg have the Guidebook in when he climbed into Jeff’s bedroom?

His right hand

5. In what year did Bogg and Jeffrey find Moses?

1450 B.C.

6. In what state is Kitty Hawk?

North Carolina

7. Who is “Doug?”

Douglas Fairbanks, swashbuckling silent film actor

8. Who was older, Wilbur or Orville Wright?


9. What did Bogg have in his hands when he and Jeff were standing at Big Rock Cliff overlooking the valley?

His goggles

10. When was the Battle of Hastings?


11. From whom did Bogg learn Jeff’s name?

Mary Murphy, in the pilot

12. Who is Ralph?

Jeffrey Jones’ dog (aka: “the big furry thing with all the teeth”)

13. Who were the Wright Brothers fighting over?


14. What was the title of the pilot episode of “Voyagers!”?


15. How did Jeff’s parents die?

In a camper accident; his father fell asleep at the wheel and they crashed into trees.

16. What was the name of the female Voyager who distracted Bogg in Voyager School?


17. Who played Spartacus?

Dan Pastorini, former professional football player

18. Who was “Algebra?”

Sam Clemens’ (alias Mark Twain) best jumping frog

19. What is Schnibbitz? Be specific.

A version of Poker

20. What was Bogg’s winning Schnibbitz hand?

Full house, 2s and 4s: he beat three queens

21. What weapons did Bogg and Jeffrey use to fight with in “Created Equal"

A stick and a leather strap

22. What was the population of Hannibal, MO when Bogg and Jeff visited it in “Created Equal?”


23. In what country did Bogg learn to play Schnibbitz?

Hungary, from the Gypsies (last time he played he won 12 goats)

24. What was the name of the town on the riverboat in “Created Equal?”

St. Louis (Queen of St. Louis was the name of the Riverboat – seen on the life

preserver as well as the roulette wheel in the room where Bogg is playing cards)

25. What was Jeffrey’s “addition” to the Voyager Code?

“No romance while the Omni’s red.” (from “Bully and Billy”)

26. What year did Jeff “add” his ‘amendment’ To the Voyager Code?”

1889, in Cuba

27. What did Bogg trip over in “Bully and Billy?”

A rooster (or chicken)

28. What kind of candy was Bogg eating in “Agents of Satan?”

Whitman’s Sampler

29. What was the name of the “real” lady ghost who appeared at the end of “Agents of Satan?”

Susanna Martin

30. Who was Abiah Folger?

A young Puritan accused of witchcraft during the witch trials in Salem, and Benjamin Franklin’s mother

31. On what date did Edison invent the electric light?

October 21, 1879

32. What position did Babe Ruth play after quitting pitching?


33. What team did Babe Ruth hit his 60th home run against?

The Washington Senators

34. What did Bogg and Jeff have for lunch at the training camp in “Cleo and the Babe?” Name three things.

Sandwich, apple, milk

35. What was Jeffrey’s jersey number in “Cleo and the Babe?”


36. Where and when did Bogg lose Cleopatra?

In New York City, 1927

38. Where did Jeffrey learn to leap onto the back of a horse? (The Day the Rebs took Lincoln)

John Wayne Western movies

39. What was the lady spy’s name that helped kidnap Abraham Lincoln in “The Day The Rebs Took Lincoln?”

Jane Phillips

40. What were the names of the two girls who ran the tavern in “Old Hickory and the Pirate?”

Lizzie Palmer and Anne Brown

41. What was the name of the tavern?

Two Maids from Bristol

42. What name did Jeffrey use when he entered the tavern dressed as a pirate to talk to the owner in Old Hickory and the Pirate?

Jamaica Jones

43. What did Bogg think Disneyland was?

A country

44. Who is Isaac Wolfstein?

A legendary retired Voyager, also known as ‘Wild Man’ Wolfstein

45. How do you make an egg cream?

Milk, soda water, chocolate syrup

46. What was Jeffrey eating in Oxen’s tent in “The Travels of Marco – and Friends?”

An orange slice

47. What did Bogg have to drink in Oxen’s tent?

Ox milk and blood (“Every last drop, Bogg”)

48. Why do old Voyagers retire?

Because of the hard landings (according to Isaac Wolfstein)

49. How did “Oxen” get his name?

The Tartars called him that because he was bigger than any one ox

50. What were the Polo brothers taking to the Great Khan?

The holy oil from Jerusalem

51. Who invented the “old coin trick gamut?”

Isaac Wolfstein

52. Who “takes good care of” Charles Lindbergh and his plane?

Lane Blythe and another unnamed man

53. What three things does Bogg claim to have a “way” with?

Women, children and animals (Jeffrey gave him “two out of three”)

54. What was the name of the airfield from where Lindbergh took off for Paris?

Roosevelt Field (No. 4) in Long Island, NY

55. What color were Jeff’s tights in “An Arrow Pointing East?”


56. What color was Robin Hood’s bow? What was it made of?

Red; it was made of cherry wood

57. In “Merry Christmas, Bogg,” name two things in his great grandparents’ apartment that Jeffrey had seen before in his own home.

A rocking chair and a “klutzy-looking” angel ornament

58. In “Merry Christmas, Bogg,” what was Bogg’s Christmas present?

He and Jeffrey being a family (or a similar sentiment)

59. “Finish this sentence: If I can live with a name like Bogg, he can live with a name like ?”


60. What does Ehrfurcht Von Dem Leben mean?

Reverence for Life

61. Name one thing Jeffrey ate at Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee?

Crumpets or petite-fore

62. What color is Drake’s omni?


63. What book did Drake keep his notes in?

The Prince, by Machiavelli

64. How many charges did Drake bring against Bogg at the trial? And what were they?

Five specific charges: (1) Traveling outside the parameters of his omni (2) Losing his Guide Book; (3) Using a civilian boy on Voyager missions; (4) Intentional disregard for the boy’s safety; (5) Allowing a pretty face to cloud his judgment


An unknown number if you consider that Drake accused him of violating ALL the laws

and statutes of the Voyager Code!

65. How many trials and convictions had Drake had prior to Bogg?

30 trials, 30 convictions

66. What three people made up the Voyager Tribunal?

Professors Garth, Kane, and Brindle

67. What birthday present did Bogg give Jeffrey?

A trip to Cape Canaveral (Kennedy) to see the moon launch in 1969 and to watch the moon landing on TV on July 20, 1969.

68. What topping did Jeffrey toss off his hotdog?


69. Name two forms of transportation used by Jeff in “Pursuit.”

Bicycle and truck

70. Why did Erica betray her group?

She was trying to save her brother from the Nazis.

71. How many “Terrible Tots” were there?


72. What does ‘boffo’ mean?

Box Office

73. What was Veronica Bliss’ profession after history was corrected?

A caterer for the movie studios

74. In “All Fall Down,” how many people were in the airplane lounge when the hijacker took over?

Eight (Jeff, Bogg, hijacker, pilot, stewardess and three passengers)

75. What famous person did Jeffrey see aboard the 747 after he landed the plane safely?

Jimmy Carter (Before he was President)

76. What sport was Bogg good at in Voyager School?


77. What did Alexander Graham Bell’s father-in-law do for a living?

He was a patent attorney

78. In “Barriers of Sound,” what does Bogg do with the piece of hay sticking out of Jeffrey’s helmet?

He pulls it out and hands it to Jeffrey (who throws it on the ground)

79. Name two things Arthur Conan Doyle found on Jeffrey’s shoes.

Sand from the Sahara; quartz from a South American jungle; Sequoia pine needle

80. What is Sherlock Holmes’ address?

221B Baker Street

81. What network was “Voyagers!” on?


82. What century is Bogg originally from?

The 17th Century (An assumption, it’s never specifically stated, but Pirates had their Golden Age in the 17th Century)

83. How many planes of time fly by when Jeff and Bogg are traveling through the Cosmos?

18 (19 if you count the one on which they land)

84. Did Bogg ever refer to Jeffrey as his son? If so, when?

Yes, twice. Once in the pilot and once, sarcastically, in “The Day the Rebs Took

Lincoln,” when speaking to Marion Brownlow. Jeffrey was also thought to be Bogg’s son on Voyagers of the Titantic.

85. Where does the omni automatically go when Bogg doesn’t set it for anyplace specific? Nowhere as long as you don’t touch the dials (“Agents of Satan”), unless it gets stuck in the automatic mode. If it stops working altogether, it sends the operator to Voyager Headquarters.

86. Which shoulder on Bogg’s jerkin is ripped?

The right one

87. How many dials are on the omni?

Four (one for the month, one for the date, one for the first half of the year, one for the second half of the year) (Example: October, 10, 19, 82)

88. How many first run “Voyagers!” episodes were there?


89. Who played Marion Brownlow (Charles Dickens’ fiance in “The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln”) and what well known Walt Disney movie did she star in as a child?

Karen Dotrice; she played Jane Banks in “Mary Poppins”

90. Where does the term “three fanatics” come from?

The episode, “Merry Christmas, Bogg,” in which a British officer referred to Bogg, Jeffrey, and Nathan as such when they were in the stocks

91. In the opening of “Voyagers!” each week, what four episodes do the four corner shots come from?

Agents of Satan

Cleo and the Babe

Created Equal

Bully and Billy

92. Who is Jill Sherman?

Producer/Writer of Voyagers!

93. What are some of Bogg’s favorite foods?

Beef jerky/chili/hot dogs

94. What color are Bogg’s eyes?


95. What color are Jeffrey’s eyes?

Dark brown

96. How many birthdays did Jeffrey Jones go through during the TV run of “Voyagers!”?

Two – in the pilot he was 11; in “Marco and Friends” he was 12; he had a birthday later in “Pursuit,” in which he would have turned 13.

97. Name three encounters Bogg has had with dogs. (There are more than three)

Pilot: With Ralph, Jeff’s dog

Created Equal: He held off the dogs to protect Harriet Tubman

An Arrow Pointing East: Attempting to pick up the fuel for Lindberg’s plane

Merry Christmas, Bogg: A run-in with the guard dog while trying to rescue the Union’s money

Voyagers of the Titanic: Louis’ Pasteur’s dog with Rabies.

98. How many buttons are on Bogg’s original jerkin?

Ten; four on the front and three under each pocket

99. What brand of shoes does Jeff wear?


100. Is Bogg right or left handed?


Bonus 3!

1. What were Bogg’s first words on the show? 

“Smokin’ Bat’s Breath!” (“When did they start buildin’ ‘em this high?”)

2. What month, day and year did “Voyagers!” premiere on network television?

October 10, 1982

3. Who is the creator of “Voyagers!”?

James Parriott