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One of the coolest shows of the early 1980's, Voyagers! made Time travel fun! It was filled with charm, action, adventure, and romance. The appealing cast included Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce as Voyagers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones. Aside from its junior target audience, adults loved and still appreciate the concept, wit, and story-lines. I know you will enjoy browsing this website. It's loaded with stunning images, insightful pages and albums that include interviews, photo scans and artwork. I have many fan videos, clip links, and trivia as well. Much time and effort goes into making this website and I thank all those who contribute and help to keep this series alive. Please voyage back frequently and check the guidebook entries below to see what's new.


It finally happened. I completely ran out of webspace after eight years. It's just not in my budget to upgrade anymore. That would cost double the amount per year and eventually that space would run out too. So, rather than panic, I decided that if and when I get new photos, art, and memorabilia related to Voyagers, I will make full use of my  Voyagers Guidebook Blog. 

My web activities have really whittled these down. It's frustrating, but it's life and also other interests and responsibilities have cropped up. I feel like I've done a lot for Voyagers! This site will remain here for fans to enjoy. Also, do not forget the Voyagers Guidebook Facebook group. There I post updates to the blog too other fans post their images and art. 

So, please visit this site and explore, there is tons to see and download. Follow the link to the Voyagers Guidebook Blog to see what the latest is.

Thank you for all your years of support!
Voyager G. 

Bogg: "Now we're really stranded. No omni, and no Guidebook."

Jeff: "Yeah, but we got each other."

Bogg: "Then I guess we'll get along just fine."

Director/Writer/Producer James D. Parriott proudly stated in a Star Log interview that Voyagers! was 'his baby.' I hope he has seen this website and knows there are still many, many fans out there (young and older alike) who fondly remember this series and still love it. They show it to their children and they love it too. I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Parriott for sharing his awesome vision of Voyagers! It has allowed us the brief, but fantastic opportunity to 'travel through the ages', and introduced us all to the marvelous Jon-Erik Hexum.

The fun and discussions continue on the Voyagers Guidebook Face Book group! Feel free to join today. 

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I won't pretend I'm handicapped, attempt to steal from you, and then chase you down an alleyway like the bum did to poor Jeffrey! 

A lot of effort and love goes into maintaining this website. Please consider a modest donation toward keeping the Guidebook online. Keep in mind that ALL donations go toward the yearly cost of the web host site, and whatever unique and wonderful images and memorabilia I can find out there for sale and auction. Through the years I've found so many! But as time passes on these treasures become rarer to acquire. Thank you for all your support and for visiting the website.



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